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June 22-26

Chapters 27 & 28

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June 25, 2020 - Estimating Jar Actual number:


June 22, 2020 - Estimating Jar


Submit your guesses - actual answer will be posted Thursday, June 25th 


June 19, 2020 - Class estimating Jar Actual number:


June 15, 2020 - Class estimating Jar:


**Answer to be posted Friday, June 19th

June 13, 2020 - Mrs. A's Estimating Jar Actual Number:

MRs. A jar



June 8, 2020 - Mrs. A's Estimating Jar


June 5, 2020 - Mr. Trainor's Estimating Jar Answer



May 31, 2020 - Mr. Trainor's Estimating Jar


May 29, 2020 - Alexia's Estimating Jar #2



May 26, 2020 - Diagram of a butterfly




May 25, 2020 - Alexia's Estimating Jar #2



May 23, 2020 - Butterfly Release Day Videos


Click on the links below to watch the release.

Video 1     

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6


May 22, 2020 - Freddy's Jar


May 21, 2020 - Our Community Projects (click on the picture to see the video - no sound)




May 19, 2020 - Our Butterflies:

(click on the pictures to get to the video)




May 18, 2020 - Freddy's Jar

Submit your guesses as soon as you have made one.  Actual answer will be posted Friday after 1pm. 

f jfj


May 17, 2020

WE HAVE BUTTERFLIES!!!! Check these out!!!! on the underside of their wings they are coloured shades of brown, when they open their wings, you can see other colours. What colours do you think they will be?


May 15, 2020 - Miley's JAR

Miley's jr


May 13, 2020

click on the picture below to see a slide show of pictures of students in our class working. If your child is not in the slide show and you would like them included please send me a picture of them working and I will update it as soon as possible.



May 12, 2020

Our Butterflies: What do you notice now? What colours are they? 



Add this diagram to your butterfly observation booklet:


May 11, 2020

Miley's Estimating Jar:

dog foodMiley


May 10, 2020

Butterfly Pictures:  What has changed? What do you notice?  What colour are they now? what do they look like?

chrysalis butterfly


May 8, 2020

Estimating Jar Answer:  



Check out our Larva… wow!  Do you see the way they are practicing spinning?  Why do you think they are doing that? Do you see the little balls of food at the bottom? Do you see the pieces of shed skin? Do you see their legs?

larva            larva


May 6, 2020

Our Larva:


May 5, 2020

First Butterfly observation example:


Include at least two sentences.  Don't forget capital letters at the beginning and periods at the end.  Don't forget these are scientific observations; they include only what you see or notice, not opinions.  Include a picture of what you see and be sure to only use colours that are exactly what you see.  


Click here to see the example of how to use Rods and Cubes to do two digit subtraction


May 4, 2020

Austin's Jar:

Austin's jar

Submit your estimates by Friday, May 8, 2020 at 1pm 



May 1, 2020

Alexia's Jar Actual Number:




April 26, 2020

Mrs. Amos is our school counsellor.  She has created a website with valuable information and resources for all our children.  Please click here to be linked to her website.


Alexia's Jar:

Send in your guesses by Friday, May 1 at 1:00pm

cotton balls


April 24, 2020

Bianca's Jar

The actual number is:

actual number











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