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This is a resource to help support learning at home. Remember that for each of us, learning can look different, so embrace the organic learning that can come from cooking (measuring, reading, working together, sustainability), playing games (critical thinking, sportsmanship, taking turns, adding), making a shopping list (writing), building blocks/Lego (spatial thinking, perseverance, cause and affect, creative thinking), routines (learning time, understanding first---then, independence) and all the other things that make up your day!

learning space at home

Important for Learning at Home:

  • Find a designated space for learning (each student should have their own corner/space)
  • Have materials ready and available such as a pencil, pen, scissors, paper, teacher resources
  • Pick a time for learning: Children learn best in the morning. **If you have multiple students, have some at one time, and others at another time.**
  • If you are able to tick off the schedule of activities, do so, if not, pick one thing your child will work on each day!
  • Make time for breaks and do not schedule learning during break time. Students at school have recess around 10am and lunch around noon.
  • Schedule in a family walk daily. Mental health is extremely important during this time and fresh air is key!
  • ASK FOR HELP! Please make sure you are utilizing all supports available. I am a good listener and can help find resources to support you and your family.




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Literacy (https://www.youtube.com/embed/SWvBAQf7v8g) **Check out this fun video**